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1. Yet Another framework?

YES! The WPSint is a sophisticated framework that facilitates the deployment and deployment of web services based on the WPS specification. WPSint is built on Spring. Spring is a well-known framework for Java that provides a light-weight solution for building enterprise-ready applications. Why reinvent the wheel?

2. Is it Open-Source?

YES! The WPSint plug-in is an open source project hosted on the Tigris Web Site, at http://wpsint.tigris.org/.

3. What is WPS?

WPS stands for Web Processing Service. WPS is a new international standard from the OGC that is designed to support geospatial data processing over the Internet. It facilitates the process of publishing, finding, and binding to geospatial web services. WPS exposes any geospatial process as a web service that can be called by GET, XML/POST, and SOAP/WSDL. WPS supports all three access mechanisms for the same process, allowing the client to choose the one they prefer.

WPS is generic and can be used for more than just geospatial processing. You can find out more about WPS at http://www.opengeospatial.org/standards/wps.

4. What is WPSint used for?

The WPS plug-in simplifies the work required to build WPS operations and make them accessible from the Internet. WPSint includes a WPS Code Generator Tool Plug-In for Eclipse that helps the developer create the initial code required to expose the process being built. This tool generates the Java code required to accept the WPS (XML/KVP/SOAP) requests in a nice way, allowing you to call your WPS interface like any regular Java Class. You will not feel that is a web request! Any output produced by your process will be understood by the WPS Plug-In, and it will automatically create a proper WPS compliant response to the client. Regardless of whether your client decides to use GET, POST or SOAP, your WPS Process Java Interface remains the same!.

Note that although WPSint supports the WPS SOAP profile to allow people to use WPS for simple scenarios, SOAP does not support all WPS functionnalities.

5. Does WPSint support security?

YES! Security is delivered in WPSint via the Acegi Security System. Acegi is a powerful, flexible security system for applications that use Spring. Acegi provides WPSint with comprehensive authentication, authorization, instance-based access control, channel security and human user detection capabilities. Configuration is done through XML.

6. What versioning numbering system does WPSint use?

WPSint uses Apache's APR versioning numbering system.